In June 2009, the commission directed the company to file an implementation plan to expand its mandatory hourly pricing provision to all customers with demand exceeding 500kW in any two of the previous 12 months. Also, the implementation plan was required to provide tariff amendments, meter data provisions, an outreach and education program, and an estimate of costs and proposed cost recovery terms.

Garry Brown, chairman of New York PSC, said: “The goal in implementing hourly pricing is to realize the benefits of reducing the electric system’s peak period demand and shifting load to off-peak, less expensive time periods.

“Additionally, hourly pricing provides more accurate price signals and more equitable customer bills by properly assigning the cost of electricity to each hour instead of averaging the cost over many hours.”

In approving the company’s implementation plan, the commission noted that Central Hudson Gas & Electric intends to have meters in place by October 2010, or one year before the mandatory hourly pricing provisions would take effect in October 2011.