New Holland Agriculture, a division of CNH Global N.V., a majority-owned subsidiary of Fiat S.p.A, has introduced a new T4000F Tractor Series, T4030F and T4040F orchard models, in Morocco. The T4030F and T4040F models incorporate new Fiat Powertrain F5C turbo intercooler 4-cylinder engines with Tier III emissions and a larger fuel tank for a longer working day. The new engines have more power and torque that are operable on 100% biodiesel.

The T4030F and T4040F models have a new transmission of 16×16 Power Shuttle & Power clutch option on 32×16 Dual Command Powershuttle transmissions, and have lower-profile cab with upgraded interior, controls and instrumentation.

With the new T4000F Series, New Holland Agriculture sets a new standard of excellence in the field of specialized compact narrow fruit tractors with a less width of 1535mm (with extended fenders). The new T4000F Series models feature the new cat’s-eye engine hood styling that identifies all company’s family tractors at a glance, and above all a series of new technical characteristics, adopted to make these machines perfect for modern fruit growing. Styled on the basis of the success attained over the years by the TNF-A Series, the features of the T4000F Series recently won the Best of Specialized category at the 2009 edition of the Tractor of the Year competition, the awards ceremony of which was held in Italy in November 2008 in conjunction with the EIMA International 2008 show.

The new 4-cylinder Tier 3 engines deployed as standard on all models, an even wider choice of transmissions, and also greater hydraulic power, make the new T4000F Series of company’s tractors the benchmark for the whole sector.

New T4030F and T4040F models with new Fiat Powertrain F5C 4-cylinder engines:

The new 78 HP T4030 F and the 88 HP T4040F models are both powered by new Fiat Powertrain F5C 3,200 cm3 4-cylinder turbocharged engine with intercooler and Tier III emissions.

The outcome of the new Fiat Powertrain research into engine development, this new propulsion unit is capable generating its rated power at just 2,300 rpm, with immediate benefits in terms of lower operating costs and noise reduction.

Greater fuel tank capacity:

On the new T4000F Series models, the fuel tank capacity has been increased to 73 liters, to enable a long working day without the need to refill. The new tank inlet on the engine hood makes filling up at the end of the day quicker and easier.

New assortment of transmissions:

The new T4000F Series offers a choice of transmission that covers every professional’s needs effectively and efficiently. Alongside the standard 16 x 16 Shuttle Command with 500 meters to 40 kph as standard, the following options are now available:

28×16 Shuttle Command with super creeper providing an extra-slow 200 meters/hour;

32 x 16 Dual Command with push-button POWER CLUTCH to reduce operator fatigue; and

44×16 Dual Command with POWER CLUTCH and super creeper.

More hydraulic power:

The new T4000F models combine the new 4-cylinder engines with greater hydraulic power, making them even more productive and versatile and cutting cycle times.

For all models, the flow rate of the standard tandem pumps is now 75 l/min, climbing to 96 l/min with the optional MegaFlow pump. This pump includes a slide out oil cooler for easy service access.

Even more comfortable low-profile cab, upgraded controls:

The cab of the new T4000F Series of New Holland Agriculture tractors has been restyled to make the tractor even more suitable for an ever-wider range of working contexts. Some changes have increased both safety and operator comfort.

The lower profile cab roof reduced by 134mm simplifies operation in orchards with low branches and makes it easier to drive into buildings and glasshouses, while the low centre of gravity guarantees safety in all working situations and on slopes. All this is achieved without compromising the operator’s working environment, enhanced by the optional ECO BLUE Cab with an even better standard of pressurization, thermostatic air conditioning and carbon filtration, essential for safety during crop spraying. The new analogue-digital console combines the best of both technologies to give the operator a clear, immediate read-out of the operating data.

The electrical system has been completely redesigned and now utilizes CAN-bus technology, which enhances communication between the tractor’s electronic systems, simplifies the wiring and decreases its amount, and offers rapid troubleshooting, enahncing the tractor’s reliability.

The T4000F specializes in versatility:

Compact size, low profile and light weight for going anywhere and working everywhere;

Optional new front hitch/PTO assembly;

Wide choice of tyres for agricultural and grassland applications.

The T4000F specializes in productivity and power:

High torque rise for instant response;

Powershuttle reverser for unrivalled efficiency in the field and in handling jobs around the farm;

SuperSteer front axle and Auto 4wd with 76° steering angle and turning radius of just 3.3 meters. No other wide fruit tractor can turn as tightly as a T4000F, even a 2WD model;

Rear lift capacity up to 2.6 tonnes for easy management of any implement.

The T4000F specializes in operator comfort:

The lower engine rpm reduces noise and prevents operator fatigue;

The modern design improves the view of front-mounted implements, while the compact, easily opened engine hood simplifies checks and servicing;

The Blue Cab and thermostatic air conditioning with activated carbon air filters guarantees exceptional operator protection.

The T4000F specializes in quality and reliability:

600 hour servicing intervals, for more hours in the field and fewer in the workshop;

Low fuel consumption cuts operating costs;

Reliability proven by a series of tests on all components;

Able to run on biodiesel, tested for future requirements, and ready to exploit the opportunities of the new biofuels.

New Holland Agriculture is a global manufacturer and seller of agricultural equipment.