Energy generated from those offshore wind projects is expected to provide power for at least 400,000 households in the state.

Under an initiative called the 2018 Clean Energy Jobs and Climate Agenda, the New York State is planning to issue two solicitations in 2018 and 2019 to procure the wind power. 

Governor Cuomo said: “New Yorkers know too well the devastation caused by climate change, and in order to slow the effects of extreme weather and build our communities to be stronger and more resilient, we must make significant investments in renewable energy.

“With this proposal, New York is taking bold action to fight climate change and protect our environment, while supporting and growing 21st century jobs in these cutting-edge renewable industries.”

The state also aims to cut emissions from existing fossil fuel power plants by strengthening the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative and welcoming new state members,

Besides, the Governor is launching an initiative to deploy 1.5GW of energy storage by 2025 and proposing to commit at least $200m from NY Green Bank for storage-related investments.  

The initiative will build on the progress made under Reforming the Energy Vision policy, a Clean Energy Standard mandate to generate at least 50% of the state’s electricity needs from renewable resources by 2030.

 The Governor has also directed the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) to adopt regulations to end the use of coal in the state’s power plants by 2020.

Image: New York proposes to have 800MW offshore wind by next year. Photo: Courtesy of John Nyberg/