US-based Association of State Dam Safety Officials (ASDSO) has announced the development of a new technical training programme, incorporating a thorough programme of study, which can be followed and completed by dam safety personnel pursuing professional development and continuing education opportunities.

The programme of study includes nine ‘priority one’ topics including emergency action planning, geotechnical issues, hydrology and hydraulics, hydraulics, and inspections. ASDSO will offer beginning and advanced courses within the topics.

The programme has been developed by experts from the ASDSO membership, representing both public and private viewpoints. This committee conducted a rigorous critique of past ASDSO seminars, polled the dam safety community for ideas and developed a long-range plan for packaging a comprehensive training programme.

For the next two years, ASDSO will focus development of new seminars on three topics chosen from the programme of study by state dam safety leaders across the US. The topics are soil mechanics, earthquake engineering and plans and specifications review/construction inspection. Seminars will be presented across the country and topics will be rotated through each region.

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