Neste has signed partnership with four fuel distributors in California including IPC (USA), Ramos Oil Company, Van De Pol Petroleum, and Western States Oil to supply renewable diesel.

Public and private fleets will now have access to a consistent and high-quality supply of Neste MY Renewable Diesel through these partners.

California's fuel regulations are among the strictest in the US and Neste MY Renewable Diesel is a sustainable drop-in fuel that meets those requirements. It is a low-carbon fuel produced from 100% renewable raw materials. Neste MY Renewable Diesel cuts greenhouse gas emissions by up to 80% and significantly reduces tailpipe emissions.

"We believe these partnerships are vital in securing the delivery of our branded, high-quality renewable diesel to customers such as municipalities and private fleets, who will benefit from its performance and lower emissions," said Jeremy Baines, vice president of sales, Neste US, Inc. "Sustainability is in demand, and each partner has a steady history of supply chain integrity, quality control and professional service. Together, we will reach new customers and help increase their business efficiency."

"Neste brings great value to our company by offering a consistent supply of quality renewable diesel with a definite branding potential, along with an exclusive supply arrangement for our designated marketing area," said Ron Van De Pol, president, Van De Pol Petroleum.

"Partnering with Neste gives Western States Oil a unique opportunity to help clean up our environment in an industry commonly referred to as 'dirty' and 'polluting'," said Steve Lopes, president, and CEO, Western States Oil Co. "We're proud to be on the cutting edge of a green, renewable fuel technology, while at the same time helping strengthen the bond with our customers."

"Neste MY Renewable Diesel's superior performance and excellent track record on quality meet all our customer's performance needs. All their logistics needs are met by Neste MY's ease of use and environmental benefits. It's definitely the Greener Choice!" said Ken Biase, renewable fuels trader, IPC (USA), Inc.

The four distributor territories are:

IPC USA, Southern California

Ramos Oil Company, Northeast California

Van De Pol Petroleum, Central Valley California

Western States Oil Co., North Coast California