Zap is targeting the EV market in China and worldwide markets, making Alias one of the first electric sports cars to be produced in China, the company said.

Jonway is Zap’s manufacturing partner on a number of different EV models and Alias is one of latest models included under the strategic commercial agreements signed earlier this year.

In addition to the Alias, Jonway is Zap’s manufacturing partner for its SUV electric taxi based on Jonway’s A380 SUV and is launching production manufacturing for the China market with volume delivery this year.

Zap will validate performance specifications of the Alias and showcase its capabilities at the Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE (PIAXP), an international competition for clean, production-capable automobiles capable of 100MPG and above energy equivalent.

Zap has designed the Alias to travel at freeway speeds with an estimated range of over 100 miles per charge. One of the pre-production Zap Alias vehicles will compete in the Shakedown Stage of PIAXP, which takes place next week at Michigan International Speedway. Alias is competing in side-by-side alternative vehicle category.

Zap is seeking support for manufacturing in the US and is engaged in preliminary discussions with state and local government officials regarding possible future sites.