The Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has identified over a dozen hydropower plants which were affected by the devastating earthquake which hit Nepal on 25 April, killing over 8000 people.

According to the NEA, among the worst hit hydro plants include those operated by independent power producers. These include the 45MW Upper Bhotekoshi project, which has seen the power house submerged after damage to the project’s penstock. Other projects not in operation include: 2.5MW Sunkoshi Khola, 3MW Chaku Khola, 1.8MW Middle Chaku, 9.65MW Sipring Khola, 8.4MW Ankhu Kola-1. 5MW Mailung Khola and the 3MW Bhairab Khuna. Also damaged but in operation are the 7.5MW Indrawati-III and 4.2MW Baramchi Khola.

Of the NEA’s own projects, one of the worst affected is the 60MW Upper Trishuli 3A project, which is currently under construction. Landslides at the project site led to the deaths of four workers, with damage sustained to tunnels and essential equipment. Other projects affected include the 24MW Trishuli and 14MW Devighat projects, which are not currently in operation but expected back online shortly. The 22MW Chilime project suffered damage to its transmission line, while cracks were detected in the dam of the 60MW Kulekhani project.

As the country deals with a further earthquake today, domestic power supplies are down by at least 30%, newswires have reported, with the country having to export from India.