Nass Contracting Company (Nass Contracting) has received a contract from Energy Central Company (ECC) to construct infrastructure and ancillary works for sea water desalination plant at Durrat Al Bahrain. This plant will operate using reverse osmosis technology. When all phases of the plant are completed, the total capacity will be in excess of 32,000 cubic meters daily. The equipment for the first phase of 12,000 cubic meters daily of desalinated water is already under manufacture.

This contract also includes buildings to address the plant together with storage tanks, pipelines, offices and site works.

The facilities have been designed for phased expansion of the plant in line with the landscaping requirements of Durrat Al Bahrain.

Nass Contracting will commence immediately the construction of the building, infrastructure and ancillary with areas scheduled for early completion by September 2009 to permit installation of the desalination and electrical equipment.

The desalination plant will meet the irrigation demand at Durrat Al Bahrain, a mixed-use residential and resort development in the south of Bahrain with a total investment value of $6 billion.

Having been awarded a 25-year concession to design, build, and operate the seawater desalination plant at Durrat Al Bahrain, ECC is clearly following a path of consistent development and implementation of the project, said ECC chief executive officer Khalil Issa.

The signing of the contract with Nass Contracting is a definitive symbol of our stable footing in the midst of the current global scenario. We are witnessing growth and participating in the growth first hand.

It gives us great pleasure to be signing this contract with ECC to provide the construction portion of this immense and exciting project at Durrat Al Bahrain, said Nass Contracting general manager David Anthony.

This is saying a lot for the strength of the project, Energy Central’s role in the development, as well as our own.

Nass Contracting Company is a Bahrain based civil & building construction company.

Energy Central Company is a Bahrain based services company that provide utility solutions.