Hedley Pointe is NACEL’s fourth Texas wind energy project located in the Panhandle.

SPP provides power to Kansas, and portions of Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. ERCOT will be providing power to 21 million customers covering 75% of Texas.

Collection of site specific wind data has started at Hedley Pointe with the installation of a 60 meter (200 ft.) NRG Systems meteorological tower transmitting data back to NACEL, via an Iridium satellite uplink. While wind data is collected, further important development milestones including without limitation, interconnection engineering, turbine engineering and obtaining turbine debt financing, should be completed by the company. Accordingly, NACEL cautions that the project commissioning at Hedley Pointe is not anticipated until the end of the company’s fiscal 2009-10 year, or later depending upon future events.

Brian Lavery, chief executive officer of NACEL, said Hedley Pointe is our fourth wind power project. We anticipate generating a total of 80 MW of clean, renewable power upon build-out of our four Texas Panhandle projects – enough energy to meet the daily requirements of an estimated 24,000 average American homes.