MOWE invites all researchers, competent authorities and institutions to submit papers for The First Symposium on Dams Management & Operation. The conference will be held from 19-20 November 2005 in King Faisal conference hall, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Conference topics are:

• International expertise and experiments in the area of dam studying and construction.

• Dam types and purpose of construction (surface, underground, archaeological, barriers).

• Dams as water resources for municipal use.

• The impact of dams on the environment, the economy, agriculture and tourist development.

• Rain harvesting.

• Evaporation and sediments in dam storage basins.

• Dam safety and early warning.

• Operation and maintenance of dams.

• Impact of human activities on wadis.

• Activation of private sector participation in investment in dam construction, operation and maintenance.

Participants are requested to send MOWE an abstract of 300 words, addressed to the Symposium’s Scientific committee. They will also need to fill out an application form.

The deadline for accepting abstracts is 6 August 2005 and accepted applicants will be notified by 5 September 2005. They will then need to submit the full paper before 18 October 2005.

To make a contribution, request an application form or for further information, contact:

Ministry of Water & Electricity, P.O. Box 88819, Riyadh, 11672, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Tel: +966 1460 2332. Fax: +966 1460 2316. Email: