Ministry of Mines and Energy, Brazil (MME) said that the next auction of new energy generation, alternative sources and stand by power can be realized under the new guidelines for evaluating flow capacity of the National Interconnected System (SIN), created with the aim of reducing the risk of delays in the flow electricity by mismatching between the works of generation and transmission.

The aim of the new guidelines is to coordinate the hiring of generation to connect to existing transmission facilities and commercial operation in the auction supply starting horizon; mitigate risks for the input delay in operation of transmission facilities; and give greater transparency to the process setting the Remaining Capacity, setting deadlines and key players at each stage.

The general guidelines for the definition of SIN Remaining Capacity Generation flow established in MME Ordinance nthe 444 will be used for the first time in 2 the Reserve Energy Auction (LER) 2016 to be held on December 16, to contract of energy from photovoltaic solar and wind power plants, with delivery from 1 to July 2019, as provided in Ordinance MME.