PGS has ordered two Ramform Titan-class vessels, the latest generation in the Ramform series that features advanced 3D seismic data acquisition and analysis capability.

The 104m long vessel has a wide breadth of 70m, and it adopts diesel electric for the main propulsion system during quiet operation.

The vessel has been equipped to receive supply at sea to allow a long-term exploration over an expansive area and can tow multiple streamer cables from its stern.

The Ramform vessel features cables that contain sensors to detect echoes of sound waves emitted from sound sources and bounced back from the sea bottom and stratum boundaries, and subsequently use those detected echoes for 3D seismic analysis.

PGS has ordered Ramform Titan-class vessels with a wider stern to allow deployment of streamer cables of up to 24 lines to enable exploration of a wider area at one time.