Independent renewable energy company RES has acquired Australia-based asset management business Blueshore for an undisclosed sum.

Blueshore has 1.6GW of assets under management in Australia.

With the latest deal, RES now supports more than 9GW of operational wind, solar and storage assets across the world.

Blueshore offers commercial, technical and financial asset management services for solar and wind energy assets in Australia.

The company’s experienced team is said to compliment RES’ support services business in the country that will continue to enhance project performance and asset values.

RES support services CEO Marco Perona said: “This acquisition is in line with our strategy that includes entering into new segments and new markets.

“RES now supports over 9GW of operational assets and is one of the few companies able to provide a wide array of services on a large international basis, adding value to our customers thanks to the deep in-house technical and operational expertise.

“In the future months we plan to continue to grow our Support Services business in line with the company strategy, both organically and by external growth.”

The acquisition of Blueshore allows RES to add new capabilities and new customer relationships, in addition to diversifying its current presence in the Australian asset management market.

RES, which is involved in onshore and offshore wind, solar, energy storage and transmission and distribution, has delivered over 22GW of renewable energy projects across the globe.

With more than 2,000 employees in 11 countries, the company has received more than 1.5GW of corporate power purchase agreements (PPAs).

In October last year, RES completed the sale of its development and construction business in France to Hanwha Solutions, retaining support service business in the country.