The SCR system reduced gas emissions, ammonia and NOx, within compliance limits.

The SCR system, which was tested for a gas turbine simple cycle power generation system, showed ability to keep within emission limits during quick starts and load changes and with gas turbine loads across the entire 0-100% range.

The system includes a new cooling system, structural and control systems, and an ammonia vaporization system.

The cooling system will cool the gas turbine exhaust gas from about 600°C to below 460°C.

The system was developed by introducing technology that uniformly mixes hot exhaust gas and air – the coolant – and by utilizing a structure that protects ducts through which air is directed to the exhaust gas from the thermal stress.

The new structural and control systems have been designed to accommodate quick starts and load changes.

Marsh Landing generating station is a gas turbine simple-cycle power generation plant with four gas turbines of 200MW each.

It was developed as a backup power plant to meet fluctuations in large-scale renewable energy power generation and peaks in power demand.