Swedish marine energy developer Minesto is planning to scale up the capacity of its Deep Green technology in Holyhead Deep, North Wales, UK, to 80MW.

Minesto's Deep Green power plant features a kite like design capable of generating electricity from low velocity currents.

As part of this effort, the firm has submitted request to the UK consenting authorities Marine Management Organisation and Natural Resources Wales, seeking their scoping opinion on the 80MW Holyhead Deep project development.

Minesto CEO Dr Martin Edlund said: “This substantial scale-up of the Holyhead Deep project’s commercial strength makes it even more attractive to site investors and creates early opportunities for sales of Deep Green power plants.”

Minesto, the Deep Green kite-turbine technology developer, currently holds an agreement for lease for a 10MW project in the region.

Following an in-depth study, the Swedish firm determined that the site is suitable for future deployment of Deep Green systems with an installed capacity of up to 80MW.

Edlund noted that the capacity expansion of the Holyhead Deep project will allow it to fully exploit its commercialization of Deep Green technology in UK tidal streams.

The firm also noted that scaling up of the tidal project will help reduce costs by providing major benefits from volume manufacturing and installation synergies.

Edlund added: “Our projection of an 80 MW project in Holyhead Deep gives a levelized cost of energy (LCOE) which is 50% lower than for a 10 MW project.”

Minesto is planning to develop the Holyhead Deep project in three phases as part of a deploy-and-monitor approach.

“The ultimate goal is to develop Holyhead into an assembly and export hub for Minesto’s international market expansion.” Edlund noted.

Image: Illustration of the Minesto’s Deep Green technology. Photo: courtesy of Minesto AB.