Minas Energy has partnered with International Marine Energy Inc (IME) and Tocardo International to test Netherland-based Tocardo technology at the Fundy Ocean Resource Centre for Energy (FORCE) in the Minas Passage.

The new collaboration, Minas Tidal Limited Partnership (MTLP), will use Tocardo’s tidal turbines. In-water testing is expected in late 2017.

The selected Tocardo technology features four, 250 KW T2 bi-directional open rotor turbine generators, which will be attaching to Tocardo’s patented semi-submersible Universal Floating Platform Structure (UFS).

Minas Energy said the platforms are held in place by catenary mooring systems. Each turbine can generate up to 1MW of power, for a combined output of four megawatts, comprising the total berth allotment.

The rotors designed by Tocardo are not circular rather they have four props like an average wind turbine. This design makes it easier to conduct repairs.

The leasehold rights held by Minas Energy at the Fundy Bay were awarded in 2009 along with 4MW power purchase agreement awarded in December 2014 will be transferred to the new company Minas Tidal.

Minal Tidal will hold discussions with local supply chain companies such as fabricators, marine contractors, system integrators, engineers and scientists this autumn.

It will also hold discussions with fishing industry members, regulators, communities and proposes to complete all regulatory requirements prior to the deployment of the tidal turbines.

Tocardo president Hans Van Breugel noted that Tocardo is looking forward to demonstrate its capabilities in North America and hopes to make Nova Scotia a centre for future manufacturing operations.

He also mentioned that in the next couple of years, Tocardo is expecting to invest a couple of hundred million dollars in Nova Scotia.