The new inverter family is designed to migrating company’s IP-differentiated backlighting technology developed to meet the demanding automotive, LCD TV and notebook applications into a wide range of mid-sized panel designs, by supplying cost-to-feature benefits of outstanding reliability, efficiency and the service. The new inverters will allow company’s new backlighting technology to be utilized in many 7- to 19-inch panel applications incorporating medical, POS, kiosk, ATM, and the lottery terminals.

Customers who are designing many mainstream applications continue to demand the proven reliability and cost competitiveness offered by CCFL backlighting. We’re committed to support our customers with complete high-performance backlight solutions at affordable prices for these embedded applications, stated Irene Signorino, director of marketing at Microsemi’s Analog Mixed Signal Group. Microsemi backlight management expertise is now available for single, dual and quad lamp CCFL backlit panels through our CCFL ICs and our expanded portfolio of cost optimized plug-and-play inverter modules. In addition to CCFL backlight solutions, Microsemi supports LED backlit panels through its family of LED driver ICs. Both CCFL and LED IC drivers are further enhanced by the company’s complementary line of light sensors and color management blocks.

Key Features:

PanelMatch offers custom lamp current settings and simplifies the supply chain management when multiple panels are utilized, and are perfect for distributors and integrators;

RangeMax digital dimming and analog dimming versions improve user experience and extend lamp and the battery life;

Extended operating temperature range from -30 degrees C to +80 degrees C;

Compact direct drive design;

Reliable and robust designs with the calculated MTBF of 100 years or more;

Restriction of hazardous substances (RoHS), UL certified components, UL60950 E175910;

5V, digital dimming only, and 12V input supply voltage, 4W and 6W maximum power outputs;

Available with JST BHR-03VS-1, BHSR-02VS-1 output connectors or equivalent.


PanelMatch increases the customer supply chain effectiveness since the same company’s inverter can be utilized to drive panels with drastically different lamp current up to 1mA step, 3mA maximum difference.

RangeMax digital dimming technology offers smooth, jitter free, wide-range brightness and advanced power management capability and decreases cost of ownership for the end system. This technology is proven to enhance the lamp life as measured by the light output at the end of time period compared to the more standard amplitude adjustment method. The life extension depends on dimming ratio used by customer. A 100:1 digital dimming ratio can offer an 80-90% increased light output after the 20k hours. Since the lamp is usually the first component needing the replacement in a panel, this translates into direct ownership and the warranty cost savings.

The direct drive design enables for a more compact, smaller and efficient solution compared to other topologies;

The new dual lamp inverters are designed according to stringent company’s design rules and qualification needs, which have a calculated MTBF of about 100 years. All the inverters are UL certified components per UL60950 file E175910.

The new CCFL inverter modules are supported by company’s new eight-week lead time availability for its new inverters.

Pricing and Availability:

Many inverters in the new family are currently in production. The complete family will be in full production by the third quarter of 2009. The products are priced in quantity between $16 and $22 depending on the version.