Ms Green Construction (MGC), an Ann Arbor-based energy efficiency company, is introducing a pilot Micro Finance program for low income home owners in the Southeast Michigan area, enabling them to reduce their home energy usage through insulation and reduce their heating and cooling costs.

Under this program, the company will provide micro-loans of typically less than $3,000 at below market interest rates to finance the costs of labor and materials for green insulation products in the form of cellulose attic insulation and retro-fit spray foam wall insulation.

These upgrades are expected to enable the homeowners to reduce their home energy consumption and save 10 to 30% on their yearly heating and cooling costs, allowing them to use the savings on their energy bill to repay the micro-loan.

Initially, Ms Green Construction will offer the Micro Finance program to a limited number of qualified candidates in Ann Arbor and the surrounding areas, and then gradually expand the scope of the program to meet the energy efficiency needs of the community.

Ms Green Construction owner, April Rue said that the Insulation Micro Finance program’s goal is to provide the latest in green insulation technology to individuals and families who need it the most, but can afford it the least.