Rubenius, a Dubai-based alternative energy company, has secured the support from the Mexico government for its project that includes the development of a 1,000MW energy storage warehouse to enable use of renewable energy and manage the power grid more efficiently.

The project will involve the use of a new technology developed by Rubenius together with Japanese products to utilize massive NaS batteries for installation on a strategic site in Mexicali, known as the Silicon Border of Mexico, to store energy generated there, including renewable energy.

The $4bn energy storage project is expected to generate a change in the electricity markets in both Mexico and California in the US, and also contribute to increasing efficiency and optimization of the grid in both countries.

In addition, Rubenius plans to pursue energy storage manufacturing operations in Silicon Border, Baja California, creating an additional 1,000 green jobs there and offer its products and services for off-grid communities.

Rubenius chairman Claus Rubenius said that the company’s experience in the UAE and its smart grid expertise has given us the confidence to enter into the North American market with a 1gW energy storage project in Silicon Border’s science park in Mexicali, Baja California