Momentum Dynamics (MD), a clean tech company, has secured a $95,000 grant from the CA Energy Commission under the Energy Innovations Small Grant Transportation Program to develop a technology system that will permit electric vehicles (EVs) to be recharged without the use of a wire.

The prototype ground and vehicle components to be developed by Momentum Dynamics will be put to field testing by installing them in a rental car courtesy minibus in a beta evaluation program at Los Angeles International airport.

The company’s technology consists of an integrated suite of hardware and software that can be operated with any type of vehicle and does not require a conductor to connect the vehicle to the power grid.

The development of this system, which will facilitate automatic charging and can be operated in any weather without supervision, will enable Momentum Dynamics to create a strong foothold in the emerging EV charging infrastructure market.

Momentum Dynamics CEO and principal founder Andy Daga said that the company is thrilled to be a recipient of this grant.

“Every major automaker is committed to bringing EVs to market and commercial and fleet vehicle owners as well as passenger vehicle owners will profit greatly from the change from gasoline to electric,” Daga said.