McKinstry said that the EEM Suite, which it licensed from Itron since 2007 as a part of its facility management offering to clients, is an internet-based application that monitors buildings’ energy and water usage and helps McKinstry find ways to reduce energy costs and green house gas emission.

Currently McKinstry services and monitors more than 250 million square-feet of building space across the US.

Integrating EEM Suite into McKinstry’s existing technology will enable continued product development of the tool. According to the McKinstry, this technology integrated with its Active Energy Management and Performance Assurance systems will add value to its clients and current EEM customers.

The web-based EEM Suite platform integrates all utility-related data (utility bills, meter data, prices, square footage, peak energy usage times, etc.) enabling McKinstry to manage client’s energy and water usage. This allows clients to make short- and long-term strategic operating decisions that yield a reduction in cost and risk, the company said.

EEM Suite currently services a number of federal, state, city, higher education and private customers throughout North America.

Dean Allen, CEO of McKinstry, said: ”Acquiring this technology allows us to advance our vision of integrating the smart grid into building systems throughout the country. Itron is the world leader in smart grid technology, and with this product suite, McKinstry is now capable of managing the next generation of smart buildings.”

Malcolm Unsworth, president and CEO of Itron, said: ”Smart grid technology is advancing quickly and we are seeing more demand from the utility market for integrated solutions.

”Our principal focus is smart technology from the meter to the grid. At the same time, McKinstry’s focus is bringing smart grid technology inside buildings. We see this as the perfect acquisition for McKinstry and one that will perpetuate our partnership.”