Canadian energy utility Manitoba Hydro has approved PwrSmart PC power management software from New Boundary Technologies (NBT), a developer of software systems for PC configuration management, for use in its Commercial Network Energy Management Program.

Under this program designed to meet energy needs through optimum use of existing energy sources and driving consumers to cut unnecessary PC energy use, Manitoba Hydro will provide rebates to its customers, covering 100% of the cost for each PwrSmart software license installed.

PwrSmart software is an automated PC power management system that centrally controls PC power settings and energy consumption that helps to reduce a company’s overall energy consumption by 15%, lowering environmental impact and contributing to sustainability initiatives.

The PwrSmart sales to Manitoba Hydro customers as part of the Commercial Network Energy Management Program will be managed by New Boundary Technologies’ Canadian sales partner, 2G Technology.

New Boundary Technologies president Tom Diamond said that the company is excited to provide Manitoba Hydro customers with the energy-saving capabilities of its PwrSmart software.

“With PwrSmart, businesses can take steps to protect the environment by managing PC power consumption while also cutting energy costs. In addition, the return-on-investment is even greater for Manitoba Hydro customers because the software cost is subsidized by the utility,” Diamond said.