Madeira consists of two hydro power projects – Santo Antonion (3150MW) and Jirau (3300MW). Construction began earlier this year on the Madeira river in the state of Rondonia, and the plants are to commence initial operations from 2012-13. The former project is being constructed by a consortium led by Furnas and Odebrecht, and the latter by a JV led by Suez.

The projects are to be connected to the transmission grid by a link that is approximately 2375km long.

Aneel, the national electricity regulator, has managed the process of auctioning the link to be built in seven lots, A – G, covering the line as well as substations. The longest lines are to be built as part of lots D and G. Each concession is for 30 years.

The auction saw Consorcio Intgracao Norte Brasil awarded lots A, C and G for R$44.75M (US$17.9M), R$144.75M (US$57.8M) and RS173.9M (US$69.5M), respectively. The consortium includes Eletronorte, Eletrosul, Abengoa Brasil and Andrade Gutierrez Part. The lots includes lines and substations

Cymi Holding was awarded lots B and E for R$35.4M (US$14.1M) and R$15.5M (US$6.2M), respectively. The works are primarily for lines.

Lots D and F were awarded to Consorcio Madeira Transmissao, a joint venture of Cteep, Furnas and Chesf, for R$176.25M (US$70.4M) and R$151.8M (US$60.6M), respectively. The lots are, separately, for lines and stations.