Lumiette has introduced its new energy efficient flat panel lamp (FPL), that offers longer life, better illumination and dimming capability.

The Xcellume PAR 38 (Parabolic Aluminized Reflector type), which has the useful lifespan is 25,000 hours, consumes only 15W while producing 750 lumens, for a lumens-per-watt ratio of 50.

The Xcellume PAR 38 FPL has the same performance as a LED lamp but at the cost of a dimming compact fluorescent lamp with the flood lighting and the warm color characteristic of incandescent.

This new light bulb is based on the the company’s patented flat panel lamp technology, is dimmable.

The company said manufacturing cost and retail pricing ranges form 67% to 75% less than PAR 38 bulbs using LED technology.

The company also said power consumption is reduced by 75% resulting in a savings of more than $112 with a useful life of 25,000 hours compared to its soon to be extinct, incandescent equivalent.

Lumiette CEO Don Emmons said the Xcellume PAR 38 is a better bulb for consumers and businesses when weighing all the important factors such as light quality, cost and overall energy-efficiency.