The water firm has been using old systems to handle its customer care and fieldwork activities.

Louisville Water worked with Oracle Utilities Professional Services to transform its business using Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing, Oracle Utilities Mobile Workforce Management, and Oracle Utilities Customer Self Service.

Oracle Utilities solutions allow the firm to reduce billing process by over 80%.

Louisville Water customer service vice president Dave Vogel said: "This implementation was the largest technology project in Louisville Water’s 155-year-history.

"Some of the immediate benefits with Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing include significantly cutting down our cancel/rebill process time and the ability to view all customer information within one screen with easily accessible drop down and search menus."

The field work processes of Louisville Water will be streamlined with the help of Oracle Utilities Mobile Workforce Management.

The solution selects the best field representative for a particular field activity and the most cost-effective field resources to complete the process.

The solution’s daily work auto-assignment feature allows the water firm to use minimal manual intervention. It also provides alerts if overtime is required depending on work that is planned and being allotted for a particular day.

Oracle Utilities senior vice president and general manager Rodger Smith said:

"Businesses across industries are beginning to turn to advanced technology offerings to enhance and improve customer service.

"Louisville Water’s overall implementation laid the foundation to continue enhancing the customer experience with self-service options and a redesigned bill."