Lime Energy, a provider of energy efficiency services, has completed an energy efficiency retrofit project for the Bassett Home Furnishings (BHF) showroom in Fife, Washington.

Under this project, Lime Energy designed and installed a system that features Energy Star rated long lasting LED lighting for delivering improved light quality and energy efficiency when compared with other options.

Bassett Home Furnishings will pay for the project that qualified for a utility incentive from Tacoma Power because of the Energy Star rating and a positive score from industry-sanctioned testing, over time through the savings incurred in energy costs.

The project is expected to enable BHF to see its monthly energy costs go down by more than the monthly payment to Lime Energy for the next three years, while eliminating 311,000 pounds of Carbon Dioxide, 1,217 pounds of Sulfur Dioxide, and 772 pounds of Oxides of Nitrogen annually.

Lime Energy president Dan Parke said that advanced technology such as the new lighting that that company designed and installed for BHF is really changing the face of retail lighting.