Mr Kennedy has a diversified background in the oil and gas industry that encompasses many aspects of the modern upstream markets. He began his career as a derrick hand and relief driller for a drilling contractor while attending Texas A&M University.

It was this experience that led him to start his own private company that focused on the operational aspect within the upstream market. Within this entity, Mr Kennedy was responsible for all project field operations, administration and compliance within the state of Texas.

Mr Kennedy said: “I am pleased to be asked to join Lighthouse Petroleum as their new chief executive officer. Their immediate need for oil and gas expertise to begin work on the LHPT’s working interest in the Diamond Springs Prospect is what attracted me to this opportunity.

“After reviewing the technical data on the drilling prospect, I wanted to be able to expand my upstream knowledge to the Rocky Mountain region that is experiencing unparalleled activity currently. Being able to work with Rocky Mountain geologists and petroleum engineers will help me better understand how to immediately begin the development of our acreage within the Rocky Mountain region.”