Elster’s AMI solution enables Light to help increase energy efficiency, conserve resources, empower consumers and enhance distribution to customers currently without electric service.

Between March and July 2011, Light plans to deploy 20,000 Elster Garnet units, which have sophisticated built-in security features.

Each secure Garnet unit contains configurations of 12 single-phase Elster residential electric smart meters, connection and disconnection relays, input and output terminals, a gateway GPRS modem and RF communications and networking capabilities.

The system will integrate with home area networks, providing customers with increased control and additional service options.

The Garnet unit is housed in an all-weather stainless steel case that can be mounted high on an electric transformer pole or in a secure cabinet in locations such as apartment complexes, Light said.

Elster is engaged in advanced metering infrastructure and integrated metering and utilization solutions to the gas, electricity and water industries.