Offering universal features in a compact construction, Finder’s 72 series level control relays have been developed to provide a solution to the widest range of level control requirements.

Designed to maintain the level of conductive liquids either about a single level or between high and low levels, the devices are aimed at OEMs, panel builders and utilities. Application areas include low limit level control in storage holding tanks and overflow reservoirs.

Traditionally such controllers use internal contacts in the associated probe circuitry. However due to the low current levels in the probe, reliability can be compromised, particularly under conditions of mechanical shock and vibration, or in polluted environments. Finder’s design uses no such contacts, says the company, which allows it to continuously interrogate the state of the probe circuits under the control of a programmable micro and custom firmware.

Finder’s 72 series level control relays are supplied in the form of a standard 35mm wide DIN rail mounting module, with a high capacity 16A output switching capability and optional adjustable settings.

Selectively, the devices can be deployed in filling or emptying applications. An optional switch selectable operational delay can be used to prevent ‘hunting’ in applications where level changes are slow or surface disturbed. Similarly, the sensitivity of the devices is adjustable, allowing tuning of the switching point to ignore for example, surface froth.

For totally safe operation, the control relays feature double insulation between the supply, contacts and electrodes.

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