The World Bank project aims to increase electricity and improve reliability of electricity service through the use of solar energy in order to improve the living conditions of the herder population and off-grid village communities.

Kyocera has supplied and installed the two systems, 202.5kW and 102.6kW, in the villages of Gobi-Altai and Bayantooroi respectively in the Gobi Desert region of western Mongolia through its subsidiary, Kyocera (Tianjin) Sales & Trading (KTST).

The solar power systems uses Kyocera modules, which are resistant to harsh weather conditions, to provide 24-hour-a-day electricity for the daily needs of the local residents, eliminating volatile power supply.

In addition to this World Back project, Kyocera will deploy its solar modules for a 453.18kW grid-tie system for the Genghis Khan International Airport in Ulan Bator City in 2011 with the Japanese government’s Official Development Assistance (ODA).