Kurdistan is planning three projects with combined installed capacity of 260MW and has called for tenders to undertake the feasibility studies.

The projects are Gali Balinda (111MW), Delga (97MW) and Halwan (52MW).

Gali Balinda would be built on the Shamdinan river, the principal tributary of the Greater Zab. The site is near Suri, approximately 73km east of Dohuk in the Governorate of Dohuk, Kurdistan.

Delga is to be built upstream of Dokan reservoir on the Lesser Zab river. The site is at Delga near Qaladiza in the Governorate of Suleimaniah.

In the Governorate of Erbil, it is planned to built the Halwan project near Ifraz which is approximately 30km northwest of Erbil. The project would be located on the Greater Zab.

The tender process is being run by the regional government of Kurdistan, in northern Iraq, and the deadline for bids is 20 October.

The scope of work includes dam site surveys as well as hydrological, hydraulic, geological and geotechnical studies in addition to the hydropower plant study.

For further information, contact:

Mr Hama Amin Hawramany
Ministry of Electricity
Kurdistan Regional Government
Directorate of Hydropower & Renewable Energy
Email: hawramany1@yahoo.com
Tel: + 964 (0)7504450665