Kreider Farms, a dairy farm in Pennsylvania, has broken ground on a livestock waste treatment system in Manheim, Pennsylvania, in collaboration with Bion Environmental Technologies, a provider of environmental treatment technologies to agriculture and livestock industry.

The multi-million dollar Cleantech facility is designed to treat and recycle manure from the farms’ 2,000 dairy cows using Bion’s patented technology that addresses the pollution associated with livestock operations, reducing excess nutrients, ammonia, phosphorus, and greenhouse gases.

The facility, which is expected to be operational by March 2011, is approved by the Pennsylvania DEP to generate approximately 140 nutrient credits per milk cow’s waste treated and sell them through Bion for reducing nutrient loading into Pennsylvania’s waterways.

Kreider Farms president and CEO Ron Kreider said that there are only few cost-effective ways to reduce environmental emissions associated with animal waste treatment, but Bion’s system is the exception – it pulls out twice as many emissions as the cost of the nutrient credits.