The technologies are expected to enable the company to provide interruptible load and demand response services, an effective and financially attractive way for large energy users to reduce energy consumption, reduce carbon footprint and generate new revenue streams.

KiWi Power director and co-founder Ziko Abram said Southeast Asia represents an important market for the company.

"Our new office enables KiWi Power to play an important role in helping Singapore and other countries reduce their reliance on fossil fuels and improve energy security," Abram added.

Singapore Economic Development Board Cleantech, Building & Infrastructure Solutions executive director Goh Chee Kiong said the smart grid and demand response represent a focus area for Singapore, in line with the strong potential for commercial applications in Asia.

"KiWi Power’s new Asia Pacific office in Singapore will increase the vibrancy of the clean energy industry ecosystem by developing new demand response solutions," Kiong added.

Apart from Singapore, KiWi Power also has offices in London, UK, and Tel Aviv, Israel.