The company has commenced the work for the 2017 Copperstone Mine exploration/development program and pre-feasibility study.

Copperstone is a high-grade gold project situated along the Walker Lane mineral belt in Arizona. The 12,000-acre land package is comprised of a production history of over 500,000 ounces of gold.

In the first phase of the project, Kerr Mines is planning extend mine access drifting by approximately 1,200 feet to the Southeast, along the strike of the Copperstone Zone.

The drift will offer first-time underground drill access to facilitate further resolution of the parallel Footwall zone, as well as enhance the existing resource in the Copperstone zone. 

Kerr Mines intends to place the access between the Copperstone zone and parallel Footwall zone, allowing exploration and development drilling access to both zones.  

To offer access for potential future mining, the drift is said to be strategically laid in the footwall of the Copperstone zone.

Kerr Mines president Martin Kostuik said: "DMC Mining Services , our mine development contractor, has done an excellent job of preparing for this work.  All of their equipment has arrived at the Copperstone Mine site and they will be commencing mining by the end of the week.

“The access to drilling that the drift will provide is an investment in the current 2017 Copperstone exploration and resource enhancement program, and is an investment in the future development of this former producing mine.”