UK-based renewable energy group Kedco has secured planning permission for two separate single wind turbine projects, Killuagh and Knockavadra projects, through its subsidiary Reforce Energy.

The 500kW Killuagh project located in Delvin has received approval from Westmeath County Council, while 500kW Knockavadra project in Bweeng was given 10 year planning grant by Cork County Council.

Further, the company is keen to proceed to next stages of development comprising installation of meteorological mast at both sites after securing final grant of planning permission expected in four weeks.

Both projects are scheduled to commence construction in the second quarter of 2014, with initial revenue generation forecast by the fourth quarter 2014.

Kedco, meanwhile, has been given confirmation from ESB Networks pertaining connection of 500kw Altilow wind project to the national grid.

The connection offer is expected to be issued within the next 21 days, following which the company plans to commence the construction.