The scope of the contract includes basic engineering services for broad, full scale commercial deployment of IH2 units.

The biomass facilities have an estimated capacity to process 330t of dry biomass feed per day.

KBR downstream president David Zelinski remarked that the company will aid CRI in their efforts to commercialize the IH2 technology.

"Our experience with the proven technology components of an IH2 technology processing facility will serve to meet the rapid implementation timelines of CRI’s IH2 Technology licensors," Zelinski said.

The IH2 technology enables the production of biofuels by employing a cost-effective catalytic thermo-chemical process resulting in lowered impact on the environment.

With proprietary technologies and catalysts developed by the Gas Technology Institute and CRI respectively, the process blends stocks after converting cellulosic biomass directly to fungible hydrocarbon fuels.