The compnay has selected Ventech Engineers for the third expansion project and is using the company’s modular-construction methods. Ventech is also supplying process units and utilities for the project.

Ventech CEO Kevin Stanley said modularization minimizes supply-chain logistics, shortens the project schedule, and results in lower project costs.

Fabricating modules under roof in our Pasadena, Texas facility produces a project quality vastly superior to traditional in-field construction," Stanley added.

"Much of the project’s construction is already complete when the modules are ready for shipment.

"This manufacturing technology virtually eliminates weather delays and enhances safety in the construction process."

The third expansion project of the refinery involves two 30,000 BPD modular complexes and a 15,000 BPD condensate processing facility.

Ventech has so far supplied isomerization units, modularized crude-distillation units, gas plants, naphtha hydrotreaters, demercaptanization systems, catalytic reformers, and supporting utilities to the project.

The first expansion of the refinery used 26 process modules to add 20,000 BPD of refining capacity to the existing capacity of 20,000 BPD plant and the second phased provided an additional 60,000 BPD of total refining capacity and was completed in 2011.

Iraq based KAR Group is an oil and energy company where as US based Ventech Engineers designs and constructs new modular refineries, gas-processing systems, and existing-plant relocations.