After pre-commissioning and successfully carried out 72-hours’ tests under loading the unit was put into commercial operation with the relevant act signed.

During the pre-commissioning, power and vibration characteristics, pressure under cover of turbine were checked. All control parameters meet the standards.

It is the 17th hydrounit of Kamskaya HPP modernized by OJSC "Turboatom" beginning from 1996.

Under the contract signed in December 2010, "Turboatom" makes a deep reconstruction of four Kaplan hydroturbines with a nominal capacity of 21,8 MW and a runner diameter of 5 m for Kamskaya HPP. Resulting from the modernization, the design capacity of each hydrounit is expected to increase from 21,8 MW to 25 MW, maximum capacity is likely to make up 28 MW, reliability and environmental safety of units are expected to increase as well. The service life of turbines will increase for 40 years. The specialists of the enterprise also provided installation supervision, participated in pre-commissioning and put into operation the supplied equipment.