Canada-based Jura Energy has discovered a gas and condensate at the Ayesha-1 exploration well in the Badin IV South block.

Jura holds a 27.5% working interest in the block that is being operated by Pakistan’s Petroleum Exploration.

The well flowed gas with a heating value of about 1, 000btu/Scf, at a rate of 11.34mmcf/d and a wellhead flowing pressure of 1,998 psi, during a short test on 32/64 inch choke.

The condensate to gas ratio was in the range of 10-12 bbl/mmcf with minimal water cut production.

However, testing of the well is expected to continue over the next few days.

Jura CEO Shahid Hameed said that the commercial discovery could be brought into production on a fast-track basis considering the well’s proximity to existing processing and pipeline infrastructure.

"Our Badar and Guddu fields are already in production and first gas production is anticipated from Zarghun South in the first half of 2014," Hameed added.