The launch of hydro-unit #1 indicates a first step of the second phase in restoration of the Sayano-Shusheskaya HPP.

A total of nine more new units will be installed in the HPP’s generator hall, including the four to replace the units launched in 2010.

Three units will be launched at Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP annually until 2014.

The plant will be fully equipped with the newest equipment with enhanced operational characteristics, meeting all reliability and safety requirements by 2014.

The new hydro-power units lifespan will be extended up to 40 years, with a maximum turbine efficiency of 96.6%.

Furthermore, its power and cavitation characteristics will also be enhanced.

The turbines will be equipped with an advanced process safeguard system, which automatically shuts down a unit in case of unacceptable deviations of monitored parameters.

Prior to putting hydro-power unit #1 into operation, commissioning work which includes operational tests for all operating regimes were carried out, including operating under load.

Power Machines, which manufactured the equipment has approved the program of operational tests