The project involves collecting, bundling, and transporting branches and other wood debris from regional logging operations to the Adage biomass power facility. John Deere makes all of the forestry equipment used to gather and bundle the wood debris.

Through this and future projects, John Deere and Adage seek to expand the use of woody biomass and raise public awareness about its promise as an environmentall sustainable and beneficial energy source.

The Mason County project will deploy Adage’s reference plant design which employs advanced environmental controls to minimize air emissions and water usage. The proposed 55MW facility will provide power to approximately 40,000 homes.

The $250m initial investment will create more than 400 direct jobs during construction and more than 100 direct jobs during permanent operation. Adage plans to begin construction in late 2010. Adage and John Deere anticipate executing a formal contract later in 2010.