Fisher is on the target as most sustainable food packaging products are made from alternative materials like biopolymers from corn or sugar starch; non-free cellulose like bamboo; or a combination like potato starch and other ingredients, according to John R. Burke, president of the Foodservice and Packaging Institute.

Burke said, “these alternative materials have been made in response to customer desires for environmentally friendly products.

“The Fisher brand is helping to protect the Earth for future generations one nut at a time,” states John Garoni, director of Food Service Sales with John B. Sanfilippo & Son, owner of the Fisher brand. “The new packaging is friendly to the food as well,” Garoni says, “as it does not affect the quality or freshness of the product because the packaging maintains the same barrier properties as standard mylar film. In addition, all products are nitrogen flushed to maintain freshness and shelf life.”

Efforts at John B. Sanfilippo & Son are underway to minimize their overall energy usage and to continue to research packaging materials and processing methods to help minimize emissions and waste. A resource conservation team has been established to implement these initiatives and to monitor its progress.

“While switching packaging for our Fisher products that are currently sold in a metallic mylar bag to the Earth-Friendly packaging is a start, this has to be accompanied by a general education of customers and consumers as to why we are proceeding this way. We know that consumers who are going out to restaurants that we supply product to are more aware of social, economic and while are learning about how they can help protect the earth.”

John B. Sanfilippo & Son is a US-based processor and marketer of tree nuts and peanuts.