US-based transmission-only utility, ITC Great Plains, announced that it has received an approval from an electric reliability council, Southwest Power Pool (SPP), for the construction of the Elm Creek to Summit transmission line project.

The project is expected to improve the reliability of the high-voltage grid in central Kansas.

ITC Great Plains president Kristine Schmidt said that the Elm Creek to Summit project will benefit residents and businesses in central Kansas and the broader region and will reduce congestion across the transmission network and improve the reliability and efficiency of the grid.

Under the project, ITC Great Plains will build about one-half of the 60mile and 345kV transmission line connecting the ITC Great Plains Elm Creek Substation to Westar Energy’s Summit Substation.

The company along with Mid-Kansas Electric Company (MKEC) will jointly build, own, and operate the northern portion of the line.

Westar Energy will build, own and operate the southern half of the line.

Scope of work also includes upgrading Elm Creek and Summit substations.

Each company will file route applications for their respective sections of the transmission line with the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC) and rulings on the same are expected to be released by the end of 2013.

Right-of-way acquisition and engineering design are scheduled for 2014-2015, following which, construction of the transmission line will begin in 2015 and 2016.