The US International Trade Commission (ITC) has concluded that allowing market forces to determine the source of uranium products in the US would “materially injure the US uranium industry.” Consequently it has ruled that terminating the 1992 antidumping suspension agreement that limits imports of Russian uranium products would likely cause material injury to domestic producers, including USEC.

The decision follows a 31 May ruling by the US Department of Commerce (DOC) that “unfair dumping” of Russian uranium products would likely recur if the Russian suspension agreement were terminated. As a result of the two rulings, the existing suspension agreement will remain in place.

“We’re pleased that the US government agrees that lifting the agreement that limits Russia uranium imports would undermine the domestic production of enriched uranium and the deployment of new uranium enrichment capacity,” said USEC president and CEO John K. Welch, adding that the ruling is an important step in maintaining a stable nuclear fuel market, which the United States needs in order to invest in advanced uranium enrichment technologies.