International Sematech Manufacturing Initiative (ISMI), an association of companies cooperating in areas of semiconductor technology, has introduced new energy efficiency software to track the energy performance of semiconductor manufacturing equipment to reduce energy consumption.

The enhanced Web-based software, Total Equivalent Energy Calculator II (TEECalc II) is designed to help IC and equipment manufacturers identify areas to make energy performance improvements to their process equipment and facilities to increase energy efficiency.

ISMI’s TEECalc II features resources and analysis tools that allow IC and equipment manufacturers to determine the total energy performance for equipment, based on the process utility consumption rates which are converted into equivalent annual energy usage.

The software provides the data based on the SEMI S23 Energy Efficiency and Road-mapping Guidelines and the information can be used to report and analyze process equipment energy and utility use at multiple levels.

ISMI project manager, James Beasley said that the development of a robust data collection and reporting solution for energy reduction is critical to maximize the resource performance and minimize the energy costs of semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

“Equipment manufacturers benefit from TEECalc II by being able to calculate and report key utility and energy usage data. This will aid in design and component selection decisions,” Beasley said.