Ioxus, using its Ioxus Distributor Network (IDN), will provide aid to these distributors who meet the demand for smaller, higher capacity and greater power density ultracapacitors in the Far East and Southeast Asia.

Ultracapacitors are designed to provide higher cycle life, wider temperature range tolerance and lower total cost of ownership over batteries, for wind turbines manufacturing.

Also they efficiently manage stop-and-go driving, reduce toxic emissions and conserve energy during deceleration, acceleration and regenerative braking for urban transit vehicles, driving expansion of IDN in the region.

IDN, with its field staff and application engineers, meet the design and implementation requirements of regional customers and is providing systems for optimized, cost-effective, green energy storage requirements.

Ioxus vice president of sales and marketing Brendan Andrews said that there is a mounting interest in alternative energy storage solutions from China and the Asia Pacific region, and the growth of distributor network in that part of the world enables Ioxus to meet that need.