As part of the three-year contract, the company will deliver the rig moorings with associated equipment and services for the oilfield development.

IOS InterMoor will also provide general mooring equipment services, including equipment rental, service and repair, and workforce for mooring operations.

The company plans to make huge investment in new equipment, personnel and facilities in Hammerfest, Norway, during spring 2013, to meet requirements for the latest contract.

IOS InterMoor will provide two complete moorings spreads for pre-laying in the contract period, which will increase safety and integrity at the platform.

The method will also cut costs, particularly in rig moves, by eliminating the dead time a rig spends when not drilling.

The reservoir drainage strategy will include water and gas injection, employing a total of eight well templates with 22 wells.

Located in the production licence 229, the Goliat oilfield is estimated to contain recoverable reserves of about 174 million barrels, while production is expected to reach at 100,000 barrels per day.

The discovery well was drilled in the year 2000 and a total of five wells have so far been drilled.