Ranging from 450 lumens at 143 lumens per dollar in cool white, to 345 lumens at 110 lumens per dollar in warm white, the ceramic-packaged LED is rated at 4.7W.

The C1109D is suited for a wide array of luminaires, especially those demanding operational cost-efficiency, such as street and roadway lighting, garages, gas station canopy, warehouse, and recessed downlights in restaurant, hospitality and other high usage applications, the company said.

The C1109D leverages Intematix’ patent-backed phosphors, with production techniques, to deliver color quality and bin selections.

At 4.7 watts, C1109D series delivers 95 lumens per watt (lm/W) from the 5000K correlated color temperature (CCT) cool white version. The 3000K CCT warm white version is a color rendering implementation (CRI >80) suited to general purpose lighting.

At 9mm x 11mm, the package is compact for use in integral replacement lamps, such as R or PAR type bulbs, and other types of downlights and recessed fixtures, the company added.

Ilkan Cokgor, director of business development, lighting products at Intematix, said: ”Breaking through 1-cent per lumen for a high color quality, warm white LED is precisely what the LED lighting industry needs in order to encourage more rapid adoption of this energy saving technology.”

He added, ”With the LED offerings that have been available up to now, in order to make the business-case work, luminaire manufacturers are often forced to consider potentially less capable LEDs that may not deliver a consistent and high quality color over the long term. A quality LED product, at a breakthrough price point, is the solution.”