Contactless chip maker Inside Contactless has introduced MicroPass L4-2G, a next-generation version of its contactless bank card payments platform that allows additional applications, such as loyalty scheme software, to be installed on the card's chip.

Inside Contactless said that the new MicroPass L4-2G platform provides multi-payment brand support, which simplifies operations & logistics for card manufacturers that service multiple issuers.

In addition, the payments platform features a new open software development environment that makes it easier for card manufacturers, integrators and other third parties to develop and deploy applications and data files to sit alongside the core payment applications of MicroPass. This means that value-added applications, such as loyalty schemes or transit fare collection systems, can be stored on the cards.

Other benefits of the L4-2G offering include increased speed, lower power consumption and better performance compared to the company’s L4 hardware.

Inside Contactless reports that MicroPass has become the dominant and preferred platform in the US. Multiple card issuers have already deployed MicroPass-powered cards to cardholders, who are using them at US merchants such as 7-Eleven, McDonalds, CVS Pharmacy, and Walgreen’s.