Liberty Energy has confirmed that the initial production of the Dahlstrom #1 well in Texas has been three times higher than the level of production prior to the re-entry program on the well.

The company said that the pressure has been so high that the well has been producing despite all the valves being turned off, which is due to the amount of down-hole pressure.

As a result of this pressure, gas has been able to force its way through each one of the valves all the way down the flow line to the gas gatherer’s meter.

When work began pressure was low due to suspected sandlocks, however, upon completion of the work, the wells pressure stabilized at around 1650psi.

The company has been monitoring the well continuously, and has noticed water in the well, which has been affecting production.

In response, soap sticks have been deposited in the well that reduce the hydrostatic weight of the water in the well allowing the gas to rise to the surface.